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Gale Force Hero


As a kid growing up in the late 1960’s and 1970’s, I had a fascination for radio controlled cars, boats and especially my favorite… toy helicopters. Unfortunately, it was seldom that the financial resources to acquire my own were available, but on the rare occasion that I did get one, it was usually the Christmas or Birthday gift and usually wasn’t much in terms of quality. Fast forward to the last few years, and being that I am now supposedly a grownup, trying to be responsible with the budget, I continue finding it difficult to justify splurging on such toys. Nevertheless, I have purchased more than a few RC helicopters and typically within a few minutes from the moment the batteries are charged up enough, I am out crashing my new aircraft to smithereens! Vowing each and every time to be retired from the RC Helicopter hobby, and that I would never buy another, I was suddenly mesmerized by this beautiful white machine with four propellers, called a DRONE.

What a beautiful machine, with its built in camera too! The idea that I could fly up and capture a view of the world below, was more than my past history with RC Aircraft, or my limited budget could do to deter me from whipping out the plastic. I completely submitted to that little kid growing up and was soon watching the FedEx tracking day-by-day, minute-by-minute until my new toy; I mean, DRONE arrived!

To put an ending to this little story, I actually begin a new story. It wasn’t long before this childhood fascination developed into a passion for seeing the world from a higher perspective. It’s easy to understand why people love flying, but to me this may even be better than flying in an airplane, or helicopter for that matter. The freedom to capture aerial views of the world around me, at the exact elevation and angle I want is truly a phenomenal experience.

Which brings us to present day. I made an easy decision that somehow I wanted to turn this new found passion into a service I could provide to the marketplace. I learned very quickly that I am not the first guy to come up with this idea, but regardless of that, I believe that I bring a unique style to the industry. With my 25 year professional background in Corporate IT Consulting and Sales, and my personal background in music and arts, I believe my clients will experience a unique professionalism and care for them and their needs that has become more uncommon in today’s marketplace. In addition, the people we bring into the Gale-Force Drone family will be meticulously chosen as much for their skills as their character.

Company Information


Operating Internationally as a Commercial sUAV/sUAS Drone Operator and Services Provider, we offer expert insights into current and trending activity in the drone industry, as well as consulting and marketing services relating to the Drone Industry at large.

Founded in 2016 with the rise of drone technology, we launched into the local market providing aerial photo and videography to the commercial and residential real estate industry. With continuing expansion in technology and the associated skills along with the addition of drone talent along the way, we grew into other industries including working with Solar Energy and local utility companies. We provided aerial survey photos for pre-construction and active construction; ͞as well as post construction content for maintenance inspection and internal marketing purposes. We also provided operations and management support by offering water tower inspection, cellular and utility tower and power line inspection.

In 2017, the principal owner and drone operator relocated him and his family to the Philippines to join with a U.S. based Solar Energy company. During the reminder of 2017 and through 2018, Gale-Force Drone continued offering drone services in the U.S., however, in 2019, an executive decision was made to close our U.S. operations and focus attention to operations in the Philippines, primarily assisting U.S. based companies in the Solar Energy industry.

As we move into the future, we continually ramp up our drone operations to meet with demand and we maintain the highest standards of expertise and be ever ready to deliver services quickly and efficiently. We are an organization who strives to be pliable to our clients’ needs. We are extremely flexible and willing to work with you to provide the services you want or need, no nonsense; and at a cost that is reasonable and provides the specific value you are looking for with an Aerial Photography partner.

To keep costs minimized, all of our photography and videography production is performed in house. We also support a number of clients in providing standalone production services.

Please reach out to us. We are eager to work with you!