How to Sell Your Aerial Footage Services for Client Marketing

How to sell your aerial footage services for client marketing

If you are looking to expand your drone business and offer more services to your clients, consider offering Aerial Footage Services for Client Marketing. Aerial video and photos can help businesses showcase their products and services in an eye-catching and memorable way.

In this article, I will share my personal experience and show you how you can get started offering this service without breaking the bank. You may be surprised to learn that the drone you already own could be all you need to get started.

Is there a demand for aerial video and photo services for client marketing?

More than ever, there is a high demand for aerial footage for client marketing purposes. Drones can provide unique and stunning aerial shots, making it an ideal medium for marketers to promote their products and services. From condominium and apartments to hotel and resort accommodations, to new construction or parks and recreation, there are endless opportunities for drone pilots to provide aerial footage services to clients.

Planning and Preparation

In order to successfully capture and deliver the drone footage your client needs, we need to ask plenty of questions and listen to understand their goals and vision for the marketing campaign.. Know your drone and its capabilities to ensure that the footage meets the client’s resolution and fps (frames per second) requirements. Take time to scout the location before launching your flight to identify potential obstacles and the best angles for capturing the footage. Additionally, check to make sure whether or not you need to obtain permits; such as if you need to fly in restricted zones.

Creativity and Storytelling

Aerial footage is an epic and powerful medium for telling a compelling story that resonates with the client’s target audience. I like to look for any unique points of interest to highlight the product or service being marketed. I enjoy finding the creative camera angles, movements, and transitions to make the footage more engaging and memorable. And if you are creating the final product deliverable, don’t forget to ask the client for their preferred branding and messaging to incorporate into the footage to ensure consistency with their overall marketing strategy.

Post-production and delivery

Some clients may not need your assistance with creating their marketing content and I have experienced both scenarios. Some clients will only need you to deliver the footage, while others may need you to create the marketing content to order.

In this scenario, post-production will be a crucial part of delivering high-quality aerial footage services to clients. This involves editing and enhancing the footage, adding music, voice-overs, or text overlays to make it more engaging and informative. You should also ensure that the final product is delivered in the desired format and platform, such as for different social media channels, websites, or presentations.

Communication with the client throughout the process is key to ensure that their expectations are met and any necessary revisions are made.

Safety and Compliance

Safety is a top priority when providing aerial footage services for client marketing. It’s important to follow FAA regulations and guidelines to ensure safe and legal operations. Avoid risky maneuvers or flying in areas where it may pose a danger to people or property. Be aware of weather conditions that may impact your flight and plan accordingly. You should also have a backup plan in case of technical issues or emergencies. *To learn more, click in to my articleWhat are the Safety Guidelines for your Drone Startup?

Case Study #1: Nashville Chamber of Commerce

The Nashville Chamber of Commerce hired me to capture drone footage of Centennial Park after a massive renovation project had recently completed. Their goal was to celebrate the project and promote the park’s beauty and attractions. I scouted the location in advance to identify the best angles and positions for the drone, and also checked in with the FAA to verify that there were no flight restrictions to the park. As you can see in the video, the shoot went very well, and I was able to capture stunning footage of the park’s iconic features, such as the Parthenon, the Cockrill natural springs and the lake. The client was thrilled with the final product and used the footage for various marketing purposes.

Case Study #2: Bridgestone Americas

Bridgestone Americas recently moved their North American headquarters to Nashville and wanted to showcase their brand new Bridgestone Tower. For the Grand Opening, they hired me to capture aerial footage that included the building’s skyline, the Bridgestone logo, along with other unique features to the building. In addition, they requested that I capture aerial footage of their call center as well as a corporate event.

I planned and prepared for each shoot, and used my DJI Phantom 4 Pro to capture the stunning footage of the buildings and events, ensuring that I followed FAA regulations and guidelines (including limiting my flight to within 30 minutes after sunset for the city lights sequence) and delivered the final product to the client in the desired format. The client was extremely satisfied with the quality of the footage and continue to use it for their website and other marketing campaigns.

Because of the high-profile client and event, I was contacted many times by different marketing firms and state agencies requesting licensing to footage for their purposes.

To market your Aerial Footage Services for Client Marketing, start by networking with local businesses and organizations. Attend local business events and share your portfolio and how your services can benefit their business. Create a website and social media accounts to showcase your work, client testimonials, and pricing information. Offer special promotions or discounts to new clients to encourage them to try your services.

starter guide to marketing your drone services businessClick in to my comprehensive “Starter Guide to Market Your Drone Services Business” to learn how I grew my business from the ground up.

Offering Aerial Footage Services for Client Marketing can be a lucrative and rewarding business for drone operators. By following best practices in planning, preparation, creativity, safety, compliance, and post-production, you can deliver high-quality footage that helps your clients achieve their marketing goals. Don’t be afraid to showcase your work through case studies and examples, and use effective marketing strategies to reach potential clients. With the right skills and strategies, you can build a successful drone business that helps businesses stand out in their respective markets. So start exploring the possibilities and take your drone business to new heights today!

Before you head out on any project, be sure to complete your project checklists. I have provided you access to my Pre-Flight Checklist as a FREE download.

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